Friday, 31 December 2010

EM4 Starships and eotbs frigate and plane tokens

So first to the EM4 star ships. There nice and easy to paint and are a nice break from painting 28mm rank and file troops.

Now some of Spartan games Dystopian Wars a Steampunk 1:20000 (I think!) scale naval/aerial/land based  wargame set in 1870.  Here's one of nine frigates that I painted yesterday.  The pics are pretty bad so I will make it easier. The model was basecoated black then the hull was painted Boltgun metal, the deck was painted snake bite leather and the Inner hull was painted Dark angels green. then the entire model was washed with badab black and the hull was given a light dry brush of mithril silver.

Hope you enjoyed,

-][- Dreamer

Monday, 20 December 2010

Inquisitor 28 nurgle cultist

This guy is a stock Necromunda Scavvy  the only change obviously being the base swap and the addition of a few extra skulls.

The paint job was a fun one to do starting with my customary dark palette and washing it with badab black, devlan mud and the like.  The flesh was base coated with dark flesh and highlighted with a mix of dark flesh and rotting flesh.  The glow effect was achieved by painting goblin green on to the areas that would appear to glow then wash it multiple times with watered down sunburst yellow.

-][- Dreamer

Friday, 17 December 2010

Wip 'Truescale' Chaos Spacemarine

  I started this Marine this morning and to my surprise I actually finished some thing within a couple of hours here are all the pics.

It was a nice conversion to do and the work and effort was relatively minimal. The background info will be worked out when my GM wants it worked out hopefully it will be valid and all hadlydoodly.




This blog will contain models that I have painted for games that I play including Inquisitor, Necromunda, 40k, fantasy, Malifaux etc.  I hope you will like my work.