Saturday, 21 April 2012

Big Beasties and 3 Investigators!

Hey guys!

Sorry about the slow update, i'm rteally up against it with coursework!

Just a quickie!

Middle one Sorta looks like Marisa from Hannah!

Please C&C and enjoy my work!

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Sunday, 15 April 2012

3 Eldritch Beasties Walk into a Pub...

Hi guys!!

Here are the first three of my Eldritch Horror Models from!  

Brain Tentacle Thingy

"I'd bite your face off if I could move fast enough..."
That was the miniature saying that...

Vergan Vergan VERGAN!!!!
I hope you've enjoyed!! Please C&C


Solo Roleplaying - The Tale of Aaron Lefferson - Part 2

Hi guys!

As the title says exactly what this post is I won't waste any time writing more!! ^_^

Here's the second installment -

Character - Aaron Leferson
Scene - Quiet Scene
Goal – Gather Information on the Red Snake Gang

! – Action

? – Question

* - Result

! Aaron walks through the quiet street toward the Entertainment district, he turns a corner and makes his way towards the inter district checkpoint!

? Is he stopped by the guards?

*Yes but it’s only a routine check*

? Do they find his pistol?

*yes but they nod him through anyway*

! He walks through the checkpoint and towards the heart of the Entertainment District!

? Is he followed?

*Yes and the pursuer is armed*

? Is it a member of the authorities?

*Yes but their clearance only permits them to follow for a time of 5 mins if the pursuant shows no threat*

! Aaron continued through the district oblivious of his pursuer.  He knew exactly where he was going – ‘The Swinging Crater Worm’!

? Does Aaron show any threat?


! Aaron rounded the corner and walked towards the ‘Crater Worm’!

?Is he stopped?

*No but the amalgamation of homeless and drunk people shuffled in unrest as he walked pass*

! He opens the door and walks over to the bar. “Can we have a pint over hear!” !
? Does the barman respond?

*Yes but he takes a while to get over*

!“Good to see you again Aaron”!

!”The same to you Judd”!

!”So what’ll it be today?”!

!”A Krell beer and one for you if you want it”!

? Does Judd say yes?


!”That’d be mighty fine of you! I’ll get Runt to tend to the bar, OI RUNT”!

! A diminutive man in tatters shambles over to Judd!


? Does runt obey (+1 modifier because runt is about stupid as you can get)?

*Yes and he does it so fast that he trips over a barstool*

? Does Judd React?

*No and he completely ignores him while walking over to the most secluded table*

!” So what do we need today?”!

!” Well on my travels I’ve seemed to gain the attention of the Red Snake Gang”!

! Judd snorted halfway through a mouthful of beer!

!”YOU WHAT!!”!

? Has anyone overheard them?

* Yes but they only heard Judd snort*

!” How’d you get them on your back?”!

!” Your guess is as good as mine”!

? Does Judd give anymore information?

*No but he gives the address of someone who can*

End Scene
Next scene – Dramatic Scene



Friday, 13 April 2012


Hi guys!!

So, my mini's arrived this Morning!!!  I've got 10 cultists, the rules and some assorted gubins from, 5 adventurers from the scene AND my tiles!!

I here you cry PICS...ok!

1st row - Adventurers
2nd and 3rd - Cultists
4th and 5th - Eldritch stuffs  

Da Rules!!
 Hope your looking forward to more!!


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Solo Roleplaying - The Beginings of an Adventure

Hi Guys!! (^_^)

U Good?  Sooo reading TSS again and Spacejacker has written his own set of solo rolepalying rules [this post]!!  And I've had a try!! My character is based on the sniper Heresy gang member [see - this post - for more info]!!  Any way enough with chat here's the first installment!!

! - Action

?- Question

* - Result

Character -

Aaron Lefferson is a gun for hire.  he grew up in the slums of Exoris-Prime and knows how to get what he wants, from his targets and his customers.
he had no formal education but knows basic Sirician.  he has a knack for getting into trouble...

Location -

The slums of Exoris-Prime, East Sector

Set the Scene -

Aaron stops, looks back around the corner and catches his breath...

Goal -

Aaron needs to find out who is chasing him and why...

Scene 1 -

!Aaron looks down the street behind him and try to spot his hunters!

?can he see them?

*Yes and*!he see's they're armed with basic fire arms* - (Twist (organization helps the hero) - !Two members of the local police force see the armed hunters and open fire on them!

?do they hit?


!Seeing that they're under fire the Hunters run for cover!

?do they get there before the police can fire again and Aaron can join in?


!The police fire again at the hunters and Aaron shoots too!

?Do the police hit?

*Yes But*!the bullets only graze the target!

?Does Aaron Hit?

*Yes and*!The bullet strikes a grenade that the hunter is carrying!

?Does the grenade explode?


?Does the Blast hit the second hunter?

*No But*!It knocks him to the floor!

!Seeing that the targets are either incapacitated or down, Aaron moves in and the Police Disappear into the run down metropolis! (They're more of a shoot first don't ask questions at all type in the slums)

!Aaron grabs the downed hunter and puts the pistol against his head "Who are you?"!

?Does the Hunter respond?

*Yes but*!Not in any detail "A gang..."!


?Does the raised voice of Aaron and the Gun against his head persuade the Hunter to elaborate?

*Yes but*!only just "The Red Snakes..."!

!Aaron pulls the trigger of his pistol and blows the hunters brains out!  (i didn't feel a roll was necessary for a point-blank head shot)

Target Met (1/2)- Hunted by the Red Snake Gang doesn't know why.

Hope you've enjoyed!!  I'll post the second installment after a while!!


Friday, 6 April 2012

The beginnings of my 15mm Cthulhu!!

Hi Guys!

My stuff from will hopefully arrive soon!! Soooo I decided to make some terrain for running small skirmish battles with those miniatures!  I had the inspiration from the AWESOME work on  TINY SOLITARY SOLDIERS (specifically his modular vault terrain) which I thought could work very nicely for some cthulhu-y goodness!

Here they are!

The Board is Split up into Ten 10cm x 10cm sections

Some eldritch graffiti

Battle Wear

Size Comparison

 The Space Marine is the Terminator Librarian from Tyranid Attack (1992)!  The board will have modular walls very soon (and hopefully mini's to put on it)!!  Please C&C to your hearts content!


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Greys!

Everyone loves the little big headed greys of 1950's sci-fi!!!!!  I picked some up from a good while ago and thought you 'orrible lot would like to see them!!



Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Assorted Miniatures of the 28mm Persuasion...

Hiya Guys,

This month I'm going to have a big push with my gaming work (specifically painting, modeling etc)  And to start it off enjoy these!!!!!!

Demonic Roman Legionary 

Mouse Zombie Thingy...
Look out for some more malifaux and 15mm Cthulhu very soon!!

Thanks for reading,

Monday, 2 April 2012

15mm is here to stay!

Ok guys after much consideration I've decided to move all of my 15mm work over here as it'l liven the place up a bit and mean that you guys will enjoy posts from this blog a-hell-of-a-lot more often!!

Coming up we have some Cthulhu 15mm and a Fuck-Ton of Science Fiction!



Ps - the Khurusan Aliens are not mine and belong to (if I can remember where I found them *skims through several tabs*) Dallas of

Fawcett Avenue Conscripts