Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Solo Roleplaying - The Beginings of an Adventure

Hi Guys!! (^_^)

U Good?  Sooo reading TSS again and Spacejacker has written his own set of solo rolepalying rules [this post]!!  And I've had a try!! My character is based on the sniper Heresy gang member [see - this post - for more info]!!  Any way enough with chat here's the first installment!!

! - Action

?- Question

* - Result

Character -

Aaron Lefferson is a gun for hire.  he grew up in the slums of Exoris-Prime and knows how to get what he wants, from his targets and his customers.
he had no formal education but knows basic Sirician.  he has a knack for getting into trouble...

Location -

The slums of Exoris-Prime, East Sector

Set the Scene -

Aaron stops, looks back around the corner and catches his breath...

Goal -

Aaron needs to find out who is chasing him and why...

Scene 1 -

!Aaron looks down the street behind him and try to spot his hunters!

?can he see them?

*Yes and*!he see's they're armed with basic fire arms* - (Twist (organization helps the hero) - !Two members of the local police force see the armed hunters and open fire on them!

?do they hit?


!Seeing that they're under fire the Hunters run for cover!

?do they get there before the police can fire again and Aaron can join in?


!The police fire again at the hunters and Aaron shoots too!

?Do the police hit?

*Yes But*!the bullets only graze the target!

?Does Aaron Hit?

*Yes and*!The bullet strikes a grenade that the hunter is carrying!

?Does the grenade explode?


?Does the Blast hit the second hunter?

*No But*!It knocks him to the floor!

!Seeing that the targets are either incapacitated or down, Aaron moves in and the Police Disappear into the run down metropolis! (They're more of a shoot first don't ask questions at all type in the slums)

!Aaron grabs the downed hunter and puts the pistol against his head "Who are you?"!

?Does the Hunter respond?

*Yes but*!Not in any detail "A gang..."!


?Does the raised voice of Aaron and the Gun against his head persuade the Hunter to elaborate?

*Yes but*!only just "The Red Snakes..."!

!Aaron pulls the trigger of his pistol and blows the hunters brains out!  (i didn't feel a roll was necessary for a point-blank head shot)

Target Met (1/2)- Hunted by the Red Snake Gang doesn't know why.

Hope you've enjoyed!!  I'll post the second installment after a while!!


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