Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The White Swords

So here is my co lour scheme for the White Swords
Some background!

The white swords are a Space Marine Chapter that originates from the first founding Death Guard.  Their name derives from the Imperial Litany of Deliverance, It states-

We are the light,
Sumus lucem,
The Emperor is our source,
Imperator est Nostra Fonte
Let thine rays strike through the unholy darkness,
Tua sit radios percusserit per impia tenebris,
Pure of soul,
Purus animae,
Sword of white
Gladio albus

                The Chapter does not recognise Mortarion as their Primarch and refers to him as Dessurus, The Decieved and Forlorn.  They are not part of a specified founding but were founded in M38 after their discovery on Illeria Prime by the Black Huscarls Space Marine Chapter.  50 Marines were found in stasis under the ruins of an Imperial research station, 12 of the Marines were dead in their tanks and a thirteenth died when they were brought back to reality.
                For the next 2 years the 7 marines were questioned by the Inquisitors attached to the Black Huscarls Warrior Fleet.  Their questioning provided first hand re-counts of some of the greatest battles of the heresy and the great crusade.  All 7 of the marines had been on the Eisenstein with Garro and upon arrival at holy Terra they were placed in stasis for a unspecified amount of time.
                As the Black Huscarls, due to their Chapter Traditions, could not accept them into the chapter the Captain of the 3rd Company Black Huscarls was excommunicated from his chapter and became chapter master of the newly founded White Swords Chapter.  He was given a suit of artificer armour that was painted in the Chapter Colours by the Inquisition.

WIP Painting

Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Wanderers

Hi guys!

I picked up a load of cool bits yesterday at Triple Helix Wargames! Soooooo I did a kitbash for inquisitor!  I really want to do a space marine army in MKII Crusade Armour, which would be breaking my rules of no GW... but it would be fun and rewarding (and very expensive DD: ). I guess i'll do it one day, BUT It costs no money to write background.
These two guys sort of have half a back ground.  the chapter that i want to collect (they will be a fan made chapter) disappeared or were captured or were killed to the point of almost extinction... i can't decide, i think the third it seems awesome.  BACK TO THE POINT.  These two guys are some of the last space marines from the chapter.  they don't have full power armour because the chapter only has MKII, which is sacred and has been sealed in the center of their monastery ship until 500 space marines stand in the hall of sword.  When that time comes the chapter will be able to acces their considerable arsenal of heresy era  weaponry, armour and tanks.
These two space marines travel across the galaxy getting recruits for the chapter.  Cool Huh?

Monday, 3 September 2012

INQ28 - Inquisitrix Helian Drada

I'm back!  I've painted loads these past few days, that's probably because my order from Ramshackle Games arrived, so I was excited!When i was painting my INQ28 gang i decided to limit my color pallet to 12 colors.

These colors were-

White Scar
Chaos Black
Dawnstone Grey
Bleach Bone
Sunburst Yellow
Asurmen Blue
Fuegan Orange
Casandora Yellow
Seraphim Sepia
Agrax Earthshade
P3 Rucksack Tan
P3 Bloodtracker brown

They were fun to use but i had to water stuff down allot to get the dirty effects on Helians' dress and McCarthys' Trench Coat.


"We know Daemons can travel between real space and the warp, but can Human souls? And if so can we bring back the dead?  It would seem so."
Inquisitrix Helian Drada to Darius McCarthy

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

INQ28 - Captain Darius McCarthy the 4th

Hello.... It's been a very long time... a very very long time, I'm not proud of it but either life gets in the way or I'm just too plain lazy to post.  It's not good... BUT when i started this blog, in my first post i promised you, my lovely readers, some Inquisitor28 miniatures.  After playing it with  Gav at Triple Helix Wargames I decided the time was right to start!

So onward with shiny pictures!

"You are lucky, Captain McCarthy, very lucky.  A worthy opponent, and a worthy ally, if you get my drift."
Inquisitor Helian Drada, The Resurrection of Darius

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Big Beasties and 3 Investigators!

Hey guys!

Sorry about the slow update, i'm rteally up against it with coursework!

Just a quickie!

Middle one Sorta looks like Marisa from Hannah!

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