Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Wanderers

Hi guys!

I picked up a load of cool bits yesterday at Triple Helix Wargames! Soooooo I did a kitbash for inquisitor!  I really want to do a space marine army in MKII Crusade Armour, which would be breaking my rules of no GW... but it would be fun and rewarding (and very expensive DD: ). I guess i'll do it one day, BUT It costs no money to write background.
These two guys sort of have half a back ground.  the chapter that i want to collect (they will be a fan made chapter) disappeared or were captured or were killed to the point of almost extinction... i can't decide, i think the third it seems awesome.  BACK TO THE POINT.  These two guys are some of the last space marines from the chapter.  they don't have full power armour because the chapter only has MKII, which is sacred and has been sealed in the center of their monastery ship until 500 space marines stand in the hall of sword.  When that time comes the chapter will be able to acces their considerable arsenal of heresy era  weaponry, armour and tanks.
These two space marines travel across the galaxy getting recruits for the chapter.  Cool Huh?

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