Monday, 26 September 2011

Possibly 80's GW Samurai/Hun of evil intent

So it's awhile since I posted to i'm gonna fill you in on life so far.  My 15mm is still not fully painted,  i have landed a good catch at the Triple helix 1st birthday (congrats to the team) including a load of Hasslefree dwarfs including grimdalf and a few others, Ramos from wyrd games (which will be painted soon for your enjoyment) and a MicrPanzer Valkyur battle Raven II (if you don't know look it up) which will again be painted very soon 9thinking of using at a large mech for 15mm stuff!!).  I may invest in some friends for him and buy some of EM4's oriental blades range but hey I'll see if I get money for my Bday!! Enough of my life here's the Samurai / Hun!!

Hop you enjoy him.  i was considering sculpting a tail for him and using it as a character for one of my friends anthropomorphic RPG's but hey i haven't and it's probably for the best I'm not a good sculptor :)!

until next time,


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dark Future Cars

having found the dark future rules online i decided to try my hand at converting some cars for it.  For those who don' know dark future was a wargame published by games workshop in the 1980's where players controlled matchbox scale (15mm) vehicles and kick the hell out of each other!! here are the cars!

This car belongs to a group of maniacal cultist who call them selves the 'FIRE BRAND'. 

This is a converted police car in posesion of the sanctioned Op Hugh Grimy.

This one belongs to the demonic flesh cults of Toronto.

Hope you guys like the cars and give me some feedback!