Friday, 6 April 2012

The beginnings of my 15mm Cthulhu!!

Hi Guys!

My stuff from will hopefully arrive soon!! Soooo I decided to make some terrain for running small skirmish battles with those miniatures!  I had the inspiration from the AWESOME work on  TINY SOLITARY SOLDIERS (specifically his modular vault terrain) which I thought could work very nicely for some cthulhu-y goodness!

Here they are!

The Board is Split up into Ten 10cm x 10cm sections

Some eldritch graffiti

Battle Wear

Size Comparison

 The Space Marine is the Terminator Librarian from Tyranid Attack (1992)!  The board will have modular walls very soon (and hopefully mini's to put on it)!!  Please C&C to your hearts content!



  1. Awesome! Thanks for the kind mention.. I think your boards look fantastic!

  2. Thanks mate I'll update s soon as I can!