Sunday, 15 April 2012

Solo Roleplaying - The Tale of Aaron Lefferson - Part 2

Hi guys!

As the title says exactly what this post is I won't waste any time writing more!! ^_^

Here's the second installment -

Character - Aaron Leferson
Scene - Quiet Scene
Goal – Gather Information on the Red Snake Gang

! – Action

? – Question

* - Result

! Aaron walks through the quiet street toward the Entertainment district, he turns a corner and makes his way towards the inter district checkpoint!

? Is he stopped by the guards?

*Yes but it’s only a routine check*

? Do they find his pistol?

*yes but they nod him through anyway*

! He walks through the checkpoint and towards the heart of the Entertainment District!

? Is he followed?

*Yes and the pursuer is armed*

? Is it a member of the authorities?

*Yes but their clearance only permits them to follow for a time of 5 mins if the pursuant shows no threat*

! Aaron continued through the district oblivious of his pursuer.  He knew exactly where he was going – ‘The Swinging Crater Worm’!

? Does Aaron show any threat?


! Aaron rounded the corner and walked towards the ‘Crater Worm’!

?Is he stopped?

*No but the amalgamation of homeless and drunk people shuffled in unrest as he walked pass*

! He opens the door and walks over to the bar. “Can we have a pint over hear!” !
? Does the barman respond?

*Yes but he takes a while to get over*

!“Good to see you again Aaron”!

!”The same to you Judd”!

!”So what’ll it be today?”!

!”A Krell beer and one for you if you want it”!

? Does Judd say yes?


!”That’d be mighty fine of you! I’ll get Runt to tend to the bar, OI RUNT”!

! A diminutive man in tatters shambles over to Judd!


? Does runt obey (+1 modifier because runt is about stupid as you can get)?

*Yes and he does it so fast that he trips over a barstool*

? Does Judd React?

*No and he completely ignores him while walking over to the most secluded table*

!” So what do we need today?”!

!” Well on my travels I’ve seemed to gain the attention of the Red Snake Gang”!

! Judd snorted halfway through a mouthful of beer!

!”YOU WHAT!!”!

? Has anyone overheard them?

* Yes but they only heard Judd snort*

!” How’d you get them on your back?”!

!” Your guess is as good as mine”!

? Does Judd give anymore information?

*No but he gives the address of someone who can*

End Scene
Next scene – Dramatic Scene



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