Monday, 26 September 2011

Possibly 80's GW Samurai/Hun of evil intent

So it's awhile since I posted to i'm gonna fill you in on life so far.  My 15mm is still not fully painted,  i have landed a good catch at the Triple helix 1st birthday (congrats to the team) including a load of Hasslefree dwarfs including grimdalf and a few others, Ramos from wyrd games (which will be painted soon for your enjoyment) and a MicrPanzer Valkyur battle Raven II (if you don't know look it up) which will again be painted very soon 9thinking of using at a large mech for 15mm stuff!!).  I may invest in some friends for him and buy some of EM4's oriental blades range but hey I'll see if I get money for my Bday!! Enough of my life here's the Samurai / Hun!!

Hop you enjoy him.  i was considering sculpting a tail for him and using it as a character for one of my friends anthropomorphic RPG's but hey i haven't and it's probably for the best I'm not a good sculptor :)!

until next time,


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