Friday, 4 February 2011

MortisQuest Skirmish Dread Pirates

I've had these guys since early 2010. They are used for a skirmish system that uses a heavily modified version of the Hero quest rules written by Mortis logan, who is one of the founders of the lost and the damned forum which I would highly recommend for those who like a large range of wargames both past and present. So enough enough with the babble and on with the show!!

First the Captain

Now the Sea Hag

Then the Giant crab

And the patchwork eel (home-sculpt)

To finish off the crew that have served me from press ganging to death (and far beyond)  the Dread pirates

I hope you have enjoyed having a look at my minis. Just for reference the Captain,sea hag and G-crab are Reaper miniatures.



  1. Those are stunning - you've never shown me those! *petulant foot stomp*

  2. When you came down over at the weekend most of these where in the late stages of finishing :). (And I completely forgot!)