Saturday, 5 March 2011

Welcome to Rhul part 4- Hammerfall Highshields

Hi again this time on welcome to Rhul I will be showcasing my Hammerfall Highshield Gun Corps (I hate these long names with a passion).  They will be the unit contingent of my 15 point Warmachine army that is all but one model complete oh yes just got to get steinhammer then it will be all over (unless I expand my collection (which I will (hopefully!))).  So without further ado, ere we go again!

So I'll see you soon as always comment leave constructive criticism (I say this so often it's probably engraved into your minds by now). Unfortunately I didn't enjoy painting these as much as I usually enjoy painting warmachine mini's (the shields were terrible to glue as well (I should stop putting you of now)).

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