Sunday, 8 May 2011

My Necromuda Gang WIP

Hi, my Horgenhold artilery corps are here so there will be more warmachine soon but for now let there by Necromunda. Here's a group shot of the ones I have painted.

Now for some single shots. First up we have Zob. Zob has failed in the past two games I have played.  His failings include; Having his legs taken out by a heavy stubber. He has gained nerves of steel and Now causes Fear.

Next up is Cyries she has proved that hitting people in close combat somehow improves your shooting!!  Hip hip hooray for purple pig-tails.

Next we have kat who has done zilch.

Next we have Mongo-Smash who has killed a juve with a stub gun first time now he has rapid fire all I need to do is get gunfighter and that's four shots a turn.

Now Gunther who again has done nothing.

Finally Roach who has done nothing.

Expect to see more of this lot I've still got the leader another ganger the Heavy and another juve so watch this space.


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