Thursday, 21 April 2011

Merii- Some new Fan Background and some sculpted models.

Hey again so this time I'll be talking about some new background and I'll be showing you some models that are related.  So background or pictures, background or pictures... lets roll a dice 1 to 3 will be background, 4 to 6 will be pictures.  Lets roll the dice (Drumroll) it's a 5 so pictures first.  here we go,

Here are the pics before painting.

And here are the pics after painting and basing.

And now is the background.  Now in the far east of the Warhammer world around Ippon practiser's of the arcane gathered around areas of great magical power and meditated to find enlightenment. After many days of meditation a great celestial being visited each of their minds and told them to keep balance in the world this celestial being was known as Merii it proclaimed that they should keep the forces of Order and Destruction from completely decimating each other.  It has been many a century since those days of enlighten ment and the order of Merii has expanded to Uthuan and the Old World.  The disciples of Merii do the will of their God  making use of the spirits and celestial being on the plane of Merii.  These are the models I have sculpted above and to lead them I'm acquiring the Heresy Miniatures Sebastian Apprentice Mage model

hope you have enjoyed the pictures and my background.  Please comment,


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  1. Both are excellent. I admire your ability to bring life to what in my hands would be a slinky.

    Lazarus Lupin
    art and review