Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Green Storm Air Brigade army list

Hello.  Yesterday as well as posting all my painted naval dystopian wars I purchased a pack of Inari Scout Gyros and a Pack of Bombers.  With these new models and some converted ground emplacements (expect to see some soon) I have a 750 point air force (it isn't legal according to the fleet composition rules but the people I play against won't mind).  S here is the army list-

Tenkei Sky Fortress-130
#Fighter Squadron-0
#Torpedo Bomber Squadron-0

2 DFA-170 Class Bombers-120
2 DFA-170 Class Bombers-120

2 Inari Class Scout Gyros-140

Landing Field-90
#Dive Bomber Squadron-0

3 Flak Towers-120

If you have any experience with any of these models or any shiny combo's please give them to me :).



  1. No Combos really. But be sure to utilize swift assent on the bomber, a lot! As well as the Gyros' Altitude skimming. Just a ? tho, are you playing Vs. Land or Sea units? If it is a mixture then the tinys seem good. However, our EotBS torps are great and should be utilized as such vs naval. Again they become useless if used over land.

  2. Mostly I'll be using them against sea units as that's the most prevalent way of playing at the mo.