Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sci-Fi deviation


About 4 years ago I bought my first 40k army, Orks  from there I expanded to chaos space marines.  About four weeks ago i sold all my 40k because the people of GW are a load of goblin sucking turd faces and I had enough of them.  Then I realised I wasn't playing any sci-fi games so I've decided to deviate form the common path and jump down to 15mm sci-fi.  And picking up a game and learning how to play Isn't what i had in mind,  so I have decided with the playtesting help of my good friend Mortis that I am writing my own retro-sci-fi 15mm wargame which by mid summer hols we will have a fully working wargame with models and terrain.  This is my first jump into anything 15mm as |I've never played Flames of War or any historical games so please give me some advice on painting etc.

Boldly going where I've never been before and thankfully not coming back any time soon.

Ordered my Grey aliens from this afternoon.

Please check my 15mm Sci-fi blog . Bye for now.


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